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UNITED KINGDOM—Eleven young people from Salvation Army corps across the Central South Division painted, wallpapered and decorated the homes of three single moms in the Woking area. The group stripped wallpaper in one house, painted a bedroom in another and refurbished the bathroom in the last.

Led by Divisional Youth Officer Nathan Loxley, the communal project was part of the division’s Youth Action Day, demonstrating the character of faith displayed through love, care and concern for others.

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CANADA—The Salvation Army Regina (Saskatchewan) Waterston Centre received over $500,000 in federal funding from Homelessness Partnering Strategy to house women in the Regina Drug Treatment Court program in a new Salvation Army women’s facility.

After the women complete the course, the Army will help them transition to independent living. At the end of two years, the Army will evaluate the program to determine if providing a supervised residence increases the rate of graduating women.    



SOUTH AFRICA—The Salvation Army’s Southern Africa Territory is sponsoring a project to provide blankets throughout the country to the destitute and homeless during the cold weather season.

Because the need is great and the area large, the territory cannot generate enough blankets to meet the demand, so it launched a public appeal. Cash donations can be made through the territory’s website,



FRANCE—In late March, The Salvation Army joined over 30 other groups to petition the state on the issue of right to shelter, a recognized fundamental freedom in France.

The group met at the Collective of Associations United in Paris, before the Council of State, to challenge the non-compliance of the issue and to firm up its adherence.

All supporters of the initiative brought a stone to help build a house, which will serve as a symbol of the mobilization.



SINGAPORE—On March 16, in conjunction with Channel News Asia’s program “InvestInMe,” The Salvation Army’s Praisehaven Family Thrift Store at the Upper Bukit Timah Road (S) site revealed its new look and presented a fashion show choreographed by Daniel Boey.




INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS (LONDON)—The Salvation Army’s international website is revamped, with a more contemporary design and easier-to-find content. Visit to see its new look.

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