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CANADA—The Canadian Staff Band (CSB) celebrated its 42nd anniversary in March with a concert also featuring the New York Staff Band (NYSB).

The CSB—Bandmaster John Lam—debuted two new works: The Gathering by Marcus Venables and Rejoice! By Robert Redhead.

The NYSB—Bandmaster Ronald Waiksnoris—also presented a new composition, Hope of Glory, by Kenneth Downie.

The bands combined for four items and closed the evening with Eric Ball’s The Kingdom Triumphant.

Special guests included Commissioners William and Marilyn Francis, Canada and Bermuda territorial leaders, and Dr. Ronald Holz, Army musician, historian and author.

From Salvationist, May 2011 issue


PAPUA NEW GUINEA—Settlement Ministries from The Salvation Army’s social services based in Koki visited inmates at the minimum security unit in Bomana, bringing cake and offering Bible study and discussion.

Lt. John Wemin’s message emphasized that you do not need to be in jail to be a prisoner. He shared the gospel, saying all are lost in sin and imprisoned by its guilt.

Captain Michael Dengi, divisional program secretary at Koki, spoke from Galatians 4:4 with the theme “preparation.”

He challenged the convicts with the question: “Are you ready for his second coming?”

From Tokaut, January-February 2011 issue


AFRICA—Due to a constitutional crisis, people are fleeing the Ivory Coast, seeking safety in Liberia and Ghana. The Salvation Army’s Ghana Territory and Liberia Command are assessing the situation; currently the Army has no presence in the Ivory Coast.

A team of three officers from Liberia traveled to the border, where the United Nations High Council for Refugees had registered more than 30,000 refugees. The team found poor conditions, with a need for food, water, bedding, medicine and clothes—particularly with the rainy season about to begin.

Donations to the Africa Disaster Fund can be made online at

From a Salvation Army emergency news report


UNITED KINGDOM—Major Howard Webber’s book Meeting Jesus: Inspiring Stories of Modern-Day Evangelism is one of five contenders remaining for Christianity magazine’s Book of the Year award.

“[This book] is perhaps the most extraordinary one I’ve reviewed since writing for Christianity. It is a series of stories of evangelism on the hard side of life,” reviewer Steve Morris said.

The winner will be announced June 13 at the Christian Resources Together conference.

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From an international news report


NEW ZEALAND—In its continued post-earthquake support in Christchurch, The Salvation Army is taking the next steps in its relief efforts, focusing now on helping people regain their independence. Due to rising unemployment, the Army wants its recovery work to be long term and sustainable.



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