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UKRAINE—The Salvation Army maintains an outpost in the village of Rulykov, where more than 25 kids come every Saturday for the children’s club. Recently, even more showed up to see a puppet show.

Please pray for this ministry, which may have to close due to a lack of funds. If you wish to help, write to Ukraine_Division@eet.salvationarmy.org.

Follow the Salvation Army in Ukraine, and view photos, on Facebook—search for “Salvation Army Ukraine.”

CANADA—Russian government officials contacted The Salvation Army for assistance when the Russian cruise ship “Lyubov Orlova” lost power and had to dock in St. John’s Harbor, Newfoundland.

Moored since Sept. 25, 2010, the liner—with more than 50 crewmembers—began to run out of provisions. They had no money, no way home and little food.

“We were able to deliver a van load of fruits and vegetables, meats, cheese, eggs and toiletries,” Major Ken Percy said.

The Army also provided a doctor to examine sick crewmembers and provide them with medication.

The Salvation Army continues to meet the needs of the ship still docked in St. John’s by providing hot meals and outfitting the entire crew with warm winter clothing from their thrift store.

From salvationarmy.ca

CARIBBEAN—The Salvation Army across the Caribbean responded to damage caused by Tropical Storm Tomas. Some countries—including Haiti and Jamaica—were relatively unscathed, but others were hit hard.

The government in Barbados wrote to Divisional Commander Major Dewhurst Jones, expressing thanks for The Salvation Army’s quick response in providing people with food and other necessities. For Barbados and St. Lucia, Tomas was the worst storm since Hurricane Janet in 1955. A few Army properties suffered minor damage; the homes of some Salvationists were totally destroyed. Most homes had no power or water.

On St. Lucia, where 14 lives were lost, the Army worked with NEMO, the government’s National Emergency Measures Organization. Floodwaters caused landslides—creating more destruction.

On St. Vincent, The Salvation Army is assisting where needed.

From an international news release

INDONESIA—Salvation Army teams in Indonesia assisted people affected by the eruption of Mount Merapi on the island of Java. At least 138 people were killed in the disaster and more than 200,000 were evacuated.

When the most violent eruption occurred on Nov. 3, the emergency team was working approximately 8 km from the volcano. Along with residents and others at work there, they were immediately evacuated, with no time to recover tents, medical supplies and other resources.

The Salvation Army set up a base at a safe distance, where they helped 692 displaced persons, including 120 children. The Army provided medical care and nutrition. Team members will remain as long as necessary and will re-assess the situation to determine if a long-term plan is required.

To donate to the South Pacific and East Asia Fund, visit salvationarmy.org.

From an international news release

FrontLines – News briefs of the West

FrontLines – News briefs of the West

by Karen Gleason – Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall

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Lt. Colonel Tena J. Johnson

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