Easter in the Marshall Islands

Over 400 attend united services in Rita; 31 new soldiers enrolled.

by Dave Hudson, Major –

My wife, Sharron, and I spent Easter in the Marshall Islands—what an incredible weekend. We shared Good Friday services at the Rita Corps, Easter morning in Laura, and had a united service in Rita Sunday night.

Joining us for the trip were Majors Benton and Pearl Markham, the first officers to be appointed to the Marshall Islands in 1985. They talked about their first Sunday meeting here, held in their single-wide mobile home with 10 in attendance. This Sunday night over 400 attended, and I had the honor of enrolling 25 junior soldiers and six senior soldiers.

Major Ben gave the message on Sunday night. He spoke about Overton Clarence, the first soldier in the Marshall Islands, and his undying determination to bring The Salvation Army here. Overton wrote letters to everyone from the General to the Hawaiian Islands divisional commander, asking them to send an officer to begin the work. His faithfulness paid off, as today there are over a thousand soldiers in the Marshall Islands. The Army’s work has now spread throughout all Micronesia. It is because of the faithfulness of Overton Clarence and Majors Ben and Pearl Markham that The Salvation Army is in Micronesia today.

It is appropriate that Sharron and I spent Easter in the Marshall Islands. Easter is day of hope, but it is also a day of faithfulness. Jesus was faithful all the way to the cross. He could have quit any time; however, thank God, he never did. Today we can share a right relationship with God because of his faithfulness. Because of faithful people like Majors Markham and Overton Clarence, thousands of lives have been impacted by the ministry of The Salvation Army.

You and I may never have the chance to have such a dramatic impact on so many other people. However, God presents us with countless opportunities every day to make a difference in the lives of others, by sharing a kind word or a gentle response. God doesn’t require great things of all of us—he does, however, require great love in little things.

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