Dooley Provides New China Image

by Sue Schumann – 

While the reunification of Hong Kong with mainland China in July 1997 brought many national and local changes, the work of The Salvation Army was unaffected, reports Major Barry Dooley.

Dooley served as finance secretary at the Hong Kong Command while Major Arlene Dooley served as administrative assistant and the English Speaking Corps officer. They have recently been appointed to the Southwest Division.

“There’s been virtually no impact on the Army’s work at this point,” he says. “All of our programs are the same and no restrictions have been placed on us.”

The Army enjoys a good relationship with mainland communities, where through its project coordination office, it oversees a variety of joint projects between the Army and local and regional governments. Funding is typically supplied by The Salvation Army, The Australian International Develop-ment Assistance Bureau, other national governments, and local communities. The Army acts as a channel for funds and oversees and audits the projects. It currently is at work in seven different provinces in China.

According to Dooley, the Army had 40 projects in process as of last fall. Past work has included flood and earthquake relief, educational programs for medical relief, educational programs for medical personnel, equipment for orphanages, agricultural projects, and services for the disabled.

“There is a great respect for The Salvation Army,” he states. “If people ask us, we tell them plainly that we do this because of God’s love for us and our desire to share that love with them. People tell me they see a difference in the Army, they see a caring and understanding attitude. It makes me feel good.”

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