Czech Republic Prays, Asks for West’s Prayers

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By Captains Richard and Rebecca Huntley – 

We read with great interest about the Morelocks’ “Partners in Prayer” program. Our group of 10-15 meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 a.m. to pray. Many wonderful things have resulted as we continue to pray. We, of course, always pray for our friends and supporters in the United States. We prayed for the Congress as it was being prepared; and now we will be praying for the “prayer points” listed in the New Frontier.

Our group consists of Catholics, Baptists, Apostolics, Charismatics, and Salvationists. It is a diverse group dedicated to intercessory prayer and praying that God’s will will be done here in the Czech Republic.

We also have a group of men praying on Monday mornings at 6 a.m. for the men of this country. Some of these men have attended a Promise Keepers conference; and we follow their prayer group guidelines. We all need prayer so much in our lives, especially in a country that was under the Communists for over 50 years–they did not pray much during that time. Many have to be taught how to pray…

We ask you to remember to include us in your prayers. Just remember, when it’s around 9 p.m. in California we are usually praying in the Czech Republic.

We ask prayers for the continuance of the movement of God in this country. Many people turned to the Lord right after the Velvet Revolution, but many did not change their hearts, and feel that Christianity is not the answer to their problems.

With the total failure of their government this fall (the Prime Minister and his cabinet all resigned on November 26th) this country is in quite a turmoil.

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