Curnow Composes Olympic Fanfare to Pass Flag, End Games

Three billion people around the world see Olympic Flag passed to Sydney, Australia as musicians perform Olympic Fanfare and Theme for the Olympic Flag at end of games

Salvationist composer, conductor, and arranger James Curnow was commissioned to write the Olympic Fanfare and Theme for the Olympic Flag by the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games.

As the games concluded and the Olympic flag passed from Atlanta to Sydney, Australia more than three billion people around the world heard the brilliant fanfares and stirring themes.

With driving percussion accents, brass and woodwinds celebrate the thrill and excitement of the games and stirring hymn-like passages capture its spirit. The piece was first performed in Barcelona, Spain in 1992 when that city passed the Olympic flag to Atlanta, and it is heard on every occasion that the flag is formally presented.

One of more than 400 compositions written by Curnow, its commission was an honor he gladly accepted.

“I tried to capture the essence of the Olympics with this piece,” he stated. “The majesty and glory of the games and the spirit of camaraderie among the athletes.”

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