Cuba celebrates 85 years of Salvationism

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THE 85TH ANNIVERSARY of The Salvation Army in Cuba was celebrated with a March of Witness through the streets of Havana (above left), a children’s choir (above) and special services (below). Salvationists from all over Cuba as well as government officials and members of the Council of Churches attended the Congress.

The Salvation Army in Cuba recently celebrated its 85th anniversary, commencing with a March of Witness through the streets of Havana—the first time permission had been granted for this type of activity in many decades.

Approximately 600 Salvationists participated in the march, which threaded its way through densely populated streets with hundreds of families enjoying the spectacle. Salvationists distributed New Testaments, taking hold of this unusual opportunity.

The march concluded at the William Booth Old People’s Home, where a new meeting hall had been constructed especially for the Congress by soldiers, officers and friends of the Army. More than 1,000 people attended the opening meeting with government representatives and members of the Council of Churches part of the crowd.

Praise and worship, drama and music, testimony and welcomes made this an evening to remember. Latin America North territorial leaders, Colonels Robin and Shona Forsyth brought greetings from many different friends around the world. When the appeal was given, the mercy seat was encircled and the presence of the risen, ascended Lord was felt.

On Saturday morning a soldiers’ rally was held and again a capacity crowd gathered. The highlight of the gathering was the swearing-in of 51 new senior soldiers and the enrollment of 46 junior soldiers. Lt. Colonels David and Martha Mothershed from the USA Southern Territorial Headquarters conducted the enrollments. The soldiers participated with testimony, timbrels and triumphant praise music before a ready response came to the word of God.

Youth, too, had their part to play and later on Saturday they made their valued contribution. A group of 60 young soldiers sang with rhythmic precision and spontaneous joy to thrill the gathered crowd. Majors Fred and Miriam Musgrave, from the Florida Divisional Headquarters, brought messages to this meeting. Major Miriam referred to life in Cuba some 40 years earlier, with her sister Martha (Mothershed) in the home of their officer parents.

Sunday’s Holiness meeting brought the Congress to its climax, when Regional Officers Captains Odilio and Ivis Fernández (West) and Julio and Niurka Tamayo (East) were flanked by the Salvation Army flags presented to eight new centers of work by the territorial commander.

A trio known as “Soldiers of Jesus” sang another song from their CD. More testimonies followed; soon there was a great outpouring of the Spirit on the gathered congregation.

As Salvationists went on their 20-hour journeys home, no doubt many stories of the challenges and joys of the Congress were recounted.

Eighty-five years of victory in Cuba—victories still being enjoyed in this present time with more than 800 soldiers in 20 different centers in the West and East Regions.
God bless Cuba!!


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