‘Creating a shared future’ is vision for Central Territory

In the August edition of Central Connection, Central Territorial Commander Commissioner Paul Seiler released his vision: “creating a shared future,” which is based on input from officers, soldiers and employees.

“We flourish when we have bright and committed officers, employees, soldiers and volunteers working side by side for the Lord,” Seiler wrote. “We have a shared future because we collaborate rather than compete. This Army must be more interested in making a difference in the lives and communities around us than in outdoing each other. Each of us is integral to this faith community.”

Seiler laid out five principles in the shared vision:

1. Pursue mission—ask how actions, programs and plans contribute to the mission out-

comes; actively seek new oppor- tunities to connect with people; have passion for mission so as

not to be side-tracked; be accountable for stewardship of resources; and be intentional about how time and money are spent.


2. Ignite creativity—celebrate past successes that allow present innovation; do not engage in impulsive actions or tolerate status quo; acknowledge that a “stable movement” can foster fear of change and rigid thinking; strive to be a learning organization; believe entrepreneurial creativity can propel mission forward; and seek new ways to reward creativity.

3. Uplift consistently—uplift holiness teaching and living; understand that hope is found in Christ even in the reality of life; build up and not destroy; uplift others in prayer and actions; lift individual and corporate worship to God; seek to strengthen and encourage those in worship; and welcome stranger and friend into congregational life.


4. Serve vigorously—work to change circumstances with grace and dignity; engage in sustainable service locally and globally; promote the development of individual character and skills; retain vigor with a force that is spiritually nourished, emotionally mature, relationally healthy and physically prepared; acknowledge God is not honored by spiritual exhaustion; and resist spiritual stagnation.


5. Invest intentionally—be as intentional about stopping as starting; handle stewardship of resources seriously; and examine financial patterns to identify areas that can be more fruitful.

“[These principles] have been part of our thought process and internal discussion at territorial headquarters this past year,” Seiler wrote. “Decisions made weekly can be tied to these principles.

“Let’s move together to create a shared future,” he wrote.

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