Commissioners Swyers reflect on High Council experience

Commissioner Philip Swyers— “The High Council brought the world to the table where the spirit of God spoke to all of us in a real way. There was a oneness to reach the world for Christ. God’s choice of the General-elect, Commissioner Shaw Clifton, was the right person for all the right reasons. May his blessings be revealed all around the world through our new General.”

Commissioner Pat Swyers— “‘They shall come from the East, they shall come from the West, and sit down in the Kingdom of God,’ rang out as in one voice when the members of the 2006 High Council joined heart and spirit for the express purpose of seeking God’s will for our Army. We were uplifted and blessed by the assurance of the many prayers from around the globe. Thank God for The Salvation Army and for our General-elect. We thank God for the privilege of representing our great Western Territory and we return home singing deep in our hearts, ‘The world for God, I give my heart, I will do my part.’”

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