Commissioner Israel L. Gaither among the 10 best communicators of 2006

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Communications guru Bert Decker publishes top 10 list.


National Commander, Commissioner Israel Gaither, takes his place among noted public figures such Senator Barack Obama, Pastor Rick Warren, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Actress Angelina Jolie, and comedian Jon Stewart on Bert Decker’s annual list of the ten best communicators in the U.S.

Said Decker of Commissioner Gaither: “Newly elected national commander of the Salvation Army in the United States, Israel Gaither has absolute conviction and high-level communication skills. Thus, he overcame the odds. The first African-American commander, Gaither is a superb preacher and speaker. He would say it’s the power of God, and if you met him you would not argue. Nor would you argue about his skill as a communicator playing a strong role in his rise to leadership.

“Strong of voice, well prepared, always focused, and with movement, energetic gestures and expressive language and word pictures, he commands an audience whether it’s a small group of civic leaders or thousands of the members of his army. Gaither’s biography is titled Man with a Mission, so it’s likely you’ll be hearing a lot more from him.”

Decker, founder of Decker Communications, Chairman of Bold Assurance Ministries and NBC TODAY Show Communications Expert, is a professional speaker and the bestselling author of You’ve Got to Be Believed To Be Heard and Speaking With Bold Assurance.

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