Commissioner Silvia Cox inspires women leaders in Brazil

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By Luz H. Nesterenko, Lt. Colonel – 

Salvation Army women leaders met together in São Paulo, Brazil, for the Women in Leadership Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean, where they were joined by guest speaker Commissioner Silvia Cox, world president of women’s ministries.

Commissioner Deise Eliasen, zonal secretary for women’s ministries in the Americas and Caribbean Zone, said the event—themed “Women: Strength and Perfection” based on Psalm 18:32—was “a dream come true.”

Thirty-three officers from six territories attended the conference, representing 45 countries.

At the start of the event, Cox spoke about finding strength in God. She told the women leaders that God wants his people to be free from the culture of sin, slavery, indifference and insecurity. She told her listeners that they are strong and can do everything in Christ.

A variety of workshops presented new ideas, challenging the women to lead with efficacy, to have a balanced ministry between home and family, to have confidence for God-given tasks, and to be financially accountable. The leaders were encouraged to use new ideas in programs to reach women.

Evening sessions dealt with the importance of preventing violence in the home and a time of sharing about challenges in leadership.

A cultural night was full of color, beauty, folklore and traditional dress. Delegates from Brazil showed how the samba rhythm can be used with a traditional Salvation Army song.

In her final challenge, Cox explained how in the Lord each person can be perfect—not only strong, but also perfect. The closer we get to Jesus, she explained, the more we pray, the more we preach and read God’s Word, the more we dedicate our lives to him, the more like Jesus we become.

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