Chief of the Staff in Congo

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Commissioner Robin Dunster returns “home” to Congo (Kinshasa) and Angola Territory for commissioning exercises.

More than 2,500 white-uniformed Salvationists from throughout the country gathered at the Kinshasa airport to greet Chief of the Staff Commissioner Robin Dunster, who served as territorial commander there for four years. Accompanying her was Lt. Colonel Edna Williams (International Headquarters), who served in the territory for 38 years. The territorial leaders, Commissioners Stuart and Hope Mungate, were present, along with other Salvation Army leaders and the national band, songsters and timbrelists.
Upon arrival, the local press interviewed Dunster. She was also able to greet the waiting crowd and shake hands with officers and soldiers.
Dunster led the Silver Star fellowship parents’ rally on Saturday, with 800 people in attendance. Thousands of young people attended an afternoon extravaganza, featuring the youths’ talents.
Sunday began with an hour-long march of witness. Young people, men, women, Salvation Army friends, employees and officers, many carrying banners, sang as they saluted the Chief of the Staff. Curious bystanders watched as the roads turned white with Salvation Army uniforms.
In the commissioning service that followed, 12 cadets of the Heralds of the Good News Session promised, before a congregation of more 8,000 people, that they would remain steadfast in their commitment to serve God. Following Dunster’s Bible message, 180 people made decisions at the mercy seat, and more than 20 young people responded to the call to officership. The day ended with the new captains receiving their first appointments.
Before departing from the Congo, the Chief of the Staff participated in officers’ councils and a special meeting attended by the officers and employees of territorial headquarters.

From a report by Captain Denis Mafuta

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