Carson, Graham Honored at “Sally”

Los Angeles Luminaries Celebrate Two Givers

The Salvation Army’s Southern California Division, led by Lt. Colonels Alfred R. and Sherryl Van Cleef, honored two distinguished men for their remarkable contributions to the community and to the world.

“We are here to recognize two outstanding individuals, Franklin Graham and Ed Carson,” said Van Cleef, “leaders who have demonstrated a strong commitment to community, to what the Salvation Army’s founder, William Booth, called the most important commitment of all: the commitment to ‘others.’ Both have been ardent supporters of The Salvation Army.”

The “Sally” award was presented to Edward M. Carson, retired chairman of the board and CEO of 1st Interstate Bank and member of the board of Wells Fargo Bank; and the “William Booth” award was presented to Franklin Graham, president of Samaritan’s Purse and successor to his world renowned father, the Reverend Billy Graham, as leader of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Both honorees became involved with the Army through the genuine caring and active ministry of Army officers.

Carson, who first met the Army in Phoenix through involvement of Lt. Colonel Eugene Rice, praised officers like Rice whom he had served with over the years. Rice continued to involve him in Army service when both were assigned responsibilities in Los Angeles. “Rice epitomizes the Army’s spirituality and compassion, and in prioritizing community problems The Salvation Army covers a wider range of problems than any other community group. We should all support the challenge the Army presents. They’re first on the scene and the last to leave,” Carson said.

Carson noted that when he approached donors to support capital fund raising efforts on behalf of the Army, he discovered the tremendous respect and confidence in which the organization.was held throughout the nation.

Franklin Graham first met the Army through Major Eva den Hartog (R) when they both were involved in compassionate caring in Cambodia and Bangladesh. He described her as “one of the gutsiest women I have ever met.” He praised the Army a great avenue of Christian service. With considerable modesty he stated that he did not deserve the award, and that a number of people behind the scenes were more deserving. He mentioned his wife Jane, who was present, and his parents and thanked them for their patience and their instruction. He then mentioned the names of several of the Army’s advisory board members who had worked with him as well as the Army in a number of projects around the world. Much of his commentary after receiving the award reflected his own Christian fervor as he emphasized the power of Christ in the lives of people.

Dennis Agajanian, an amazing guitar player who accompanies Graham on many of his crusades, provided special music with presentations of old fashioned hymns in contemporary country and Gospel style. Bandsman Steve Allen directed the Pasadena Praise and Worship Band in a number of contemporary melodies, and the voices of Barbara Allen, Ed Pollock, Captain Analene Trimmer and Lisa Brodin Smith stated the challenge of the Army as it stands ready on the brink of a new millennium to respond to spiritual and temporal needs of humanity.

The Territorial Commander, Commissioner Peter H. Chang offered the benediction.

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