Caring Magazine holiday gift guide to inspire and give hope

Gifts to inspire and give hope in 2022

Earlier this year, The Salvation Army launched an initiative to help people find meaning through loving others. With the goal of providing a light during dark times and giving support to those experiencing hunger, homelessness, addiction, and more, LOVE BEYOND encourages us to embrace our struggling neighbors and find hope in community.

With inflation on the rise and stagnant wage gains, 63% of Americans continue living paycheck to paycheck—nearing a historic high. Inevitably, this financial uncertainty may lead to a decline in charitable support when the need for social services continues to grow.

But you can help The Salvation Army LOVE BEYOND. Caring‘s gift guide for 2022 is full of opportunities to give hope and inspire those around you this holiday season.

Give a friend a daily pep talk from Scripture
Did you know your thoughts change how you feel…and act? GOOD WORDS Cards offer 20 affirmations from Scripture that’ll provide a source of comfort and encouragement when you need it most. Grab a set and send them to a friend, or sign up for our daily GOOD WORDS email series for a boost of inspiration right in your inbox.

Start your own fundraiser with Fundraise for Good
Fundraise for Good makes it easier than ever to create a fundraiser and reach your goal with the help of friends and family. Choose a cause that’s important to you and raise funds to support it, or fundraise in honor of someone special in your life to give a gift that does good for their community.

Volunteer your time to help a neighbor in need
Get involved in your community by volunteering this holiday season. From packing holiday meal boxes to distributing Christmas toys, there’s an opportunity for you to make the season bright for your neighbors in need. Not sure where to start? Get the guide on How To Be An Impactful Volunteer. P.S. If you can’t make it to volunteer in person, check out these helpful ways to volunteer virtually.

Drop a donation in a Salvation Army Kettle
What started in 1891 as one pot to collect funds to feed a free Christmas dinner to San Francisco’s poverty-stricken community has grown into The Salvation Army’s annual Red Kettle campaign, one of the most impactful and iconic outreach initiatives in the world, year after year. Drop a donation in a kettle this holiday season, or make an online gift now.

Take an Advent journey with your family
Instead of waiting until December 25 to celebrate the gift of Jesus, sign up for The Light Will Come: An Advent Journey for Families. You’ll receive a 28-day guide with readings and activities that’ll lead you and yours through a simple, meaningful celebration (even if you’ve never observed Advent before).

Give your old clothing new life by donating to a thrift store
When you donate goods to The Salvation Army, those items are sold at our thrift stores. All proceeds are used to fund our Adult Rehabilitation Centers, where those fighting drug and alcohol addiction find help, hope and a second chance at life. Find a location near you.

Do Good:

  • Get on the list for Good Words from the Good Word and get a boost of inspiration in 1 minute a day with a daily affirmation from Scripture list sent straight to your inbox. It’s an email to help you start your day with goodness.
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