How you can help The Salvation Army LOVE BEYOND

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What if you could find meaning by loving others?

With The Salvation Army’s invitation to LOVE BEYOND, you can.

The Salvation Army has been listening these past two years as the world expressed anxiety, restlessness and burnout. After a year researching how we can better help suffering humanity, it launched LOVE BEYOND as a reminder that we love and serve those who are lost, hungry and hurting all year. And we need your help in loving others beyond all else.

When you find your place in this Army, you help us serve people in your local community—some of the 63% of Americans who have been living paycheck to paycheck since the pandemic began. You help us give hope to those in a dark place—some of the 46% of Americans who report feeling lonely. And if you’re one of the 57% of U.S. adults who wonder how you can find more meaning and purpose in your life, this is your sign.

Find your place with The Salvation Army in fighting hunger, homelessness, addiction, disaster and more. Whether you join us for Sunday worship, volunteer to serve or give to support the effort, we need you.

Imagine belonging to a community with a loving God and caring people, where you can find joy, goodness, meaning, love. Find your place with The Salvation Army and LOVE BEYOND all else.

The world needs us—it needs you—to “Above all, love” (1 Peter 4:8).

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