Capt. Rhode Danielson to ICO

Captain Rhode Danielson, currently serving in the Latin America and the Caribbean Territory as Associate Human Resources Development Officer, has been appointed a delegate to the International College of Officers for the winter term.

The course now includes 100 officers from territories around the world. The multi-racial and multi-lingual mix expresses the internationalism of The Salvation Army in a practical and visible form.

“I feel very privileged to have this opportunity, and I hope during this time I can grow deeper in my relationship with God and learn more about the internationalism of The Salvation Army as I share time with delegates from other territories,” she stated.

First established in 1905 as the Staff Training Lodge, the location was changed in 1950 to a Victorian mansion outside London with the present name. Its purpose is to prepare officers “mature in mind and spirit, for the tasks to which they may be appointed.”

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