Booth College and South America West

Booth College is partnering with the South America West territory as this territory seeks to develop leaders for the 21ST century. A team from Booth College and Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada) visited the territory in September 2005 to advise them on setting up a distance education system to meet the needs of a territory that sweeps down the Pacific coast from Ecuador to the southern tip of Chile. This is the first phase of a larger international distance education project that could lead to the development of a network of distance education centers within the international Salvation Army. The aim is to come alongside this territory, and other GAT territories, and help them achieve a capacity to deliver distance education in support of their unique educational goals.

Another tangible form of bilateral partnership is sharing human resources. In November, Major Dr. Barbara Robinson went to Chile to teach a course on Wesleyan Distinctives in Theology. Over 20 officers from four countries participated in this intensive, week-long course held at the beautiful Salvation Army Conference Center outside Santiago, Chile. A team of capable translators from South America West helped Major Robinson share her knowledge of Wesleyan faith and thought with her Spanish-speaking colleagues and partners in Christ.

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