Bond reviews work in Marshall Islands, Guam

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Commissioner Linda Bond, territorial commander, recently returned from visiting the Western Territory’s outermost corps in the islands of Micronesia, where she met with Salvationists, viewed programs, and enrolled Salvation Army soldiers.

“During my recent visit to Majuro, Chuuk, Pohnpei, and Guam, the apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans came to my mind several times,” said Bond. “In it, he explained that God’s invisible qualities have been clearly seen, being understood from what he created.

“No one could have prepared me for the pristine beauty of these Pacific Islands. There was such a strong sense of his presence. But the Scripture verse doesn’t limit his creation to sparkling waters, glorious sunsets, waving palm trees. The people of the islands, in their generosity, gentleness and sensitivity reminded me of his nature. His power was not just in the rolling tide or even in the typhoons experienced in Guam. I saw his power in the love of Salvationists and in their transformed lives.”

More than 50 Salvationists warmly welcomed Bond—with Salvation Army and country flags waving proudly—as she arrived at Amata Kabua International Airport in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Bond was accompanied by Majors Victor and Joan Doughty, who represented Divisional Leaders Majors Ralph and Ivy Hood.

On Sunday, the commissioner attended the Rita Corps’ holiness meeting, which was also the concluding meeting for the Marshall Island’s Men’s Fellowship Camp. Her message of “Victorious Christian Living” focused on being filled by the Holy Spirit.

In the evening, a united youth meeting was held at the Rita Corps featuring the youth of the Rita and Laura Corps. The meeting culminated with a “stick” dance by eight teenage boys of the Rita Corps. In this united service Bond once again brought the message, focusing on the transformation of Simon Peter and asking the congregation if they, too, would give their lives completely to God.

Monday evening marked the commencement of the Marshall Islands’ leadership retreat, which included the leaders of all five corps in the Marshall Islands and key staff of the Marshall Islands coordinator’s office.

This keynote session was highlighted by Bond’s presentation outlining the development and description of the Strategic Priorities recently shared with the entire territory. She challenged these leaders to give thoughtful consideration to the priorities and how they could be given “priority” in their own ministries. Bond remarked that in her short visit to the Marshall Islands she could already see how many of the priorities were already being emphasized, noting in particular the great emphasis given to training and developing local leaders.

Micronesia welcomes Bond

Micronesia welcomes Bond

Members of the Guam and Chuuk corps welcomed Commissioner Linda Bond with

A look at Chuuk

A look at Chuuk

The Chuuk Corps operates under the direction of the Guam Corps in Micronesia

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