Bates set to retire from NHQ

Colonels John and Valda Bate were recently honored with a retirement reception at Western Territorial Headquarters. They have served since November 1995 as National Chief Secretary and National Secretary, Women’s Organizations and Retired Officers’ Representative.

They came to the West in 1993 as Chief Secretary and Territorial Home League and Women’s Outreach Ministries Secretary.

Colonel John Bate was born in New Zealand. Following commissioning in 1959, he and his wife were appointed to evangelistic work in that country. Since that time they pursued truly global careers in South America, the West Indies, and New Zealand. In 1976, Bate began a five-year tour as private secretary to Generals Jarl Wahlström and Arnold Brown. In 1988 he was appointed commander of the South American East Territory and Colonel Valda Bate served in diverse responsibilities. From 1991 he served as Secretary for Program for the Canada and Bermuda Territory.

Their many friends in their “honorary home territory” wish them well as they plan for retirement in Clearwater, Fla. Their new address will be: 2210 Utopian Dr. E #306, Clearwater, FL 33763. Phone (727) 725-0380

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