Back to Africa

Commissioners Kenneth and Jolene Hodder return to Kenya in January.

Western officers Commissioners Kenneth and Jolene Hodder recently received new orders: Effective Jan. 1, 2013, they will return to Kenya to serve in Kenya West Territory as territorial commander and territorial president of women’s ministries, respectively.

The Hodders served as chief secretary and president of women’s ministries initially for Kenya Territory (2006-2008), and then after the territory split, for Kenya East Territory until 2009. Since then, they have held appointments at International Headquarters as international secretary for personnel and associate international secretary for personnel.

“Salvationists know that there is no adventure quite like the one on which we embark when we give our lives to Christ,” Commissioner Kenneth Hodder said. “It’s more exciting, more challenging, and more wonderful than anything we could plan for ourselves. So beyond being both honored and delighted by the opportunity to serve in Kenya once again, I am eager to discover the amazing things that God has in store for the beautiful Kenya West Territory.”

Commissioner Jolene Hodder reflected on their prior appointment to Kenya.

“During our last tour of Kenya, the Lord taught me lessons that have changed me in ways I never imagined,” she said. “The Salvation Army in Kenya is a vibrant community with warmth and tenderness. It is flexible, gracious and has a heart to embrace all people, regardless of class or culture. I learned to live simply, and to deeply enjoy life’s little pleasures. I learned God can and does use the smallest things to showcase his extravagant love. I learned that the ministry is about God’s plan for his children, and has very little to do about my own vision.”

As the couple returns to Africa, she said they anticipate learning more.

“It is my prayer that the Lord will teach me what I need to be taught, take me where I need to be taken, and use me how I need to be used,” she said. “It is my prayer that the kingdom of God will be extended as we work together with our Army family in Kenya. God bless our amazing Army!”


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