Army opens in Nepal

The Salvation Army expands its work to 118 countries.

International Headquarters is pleased to announce that the General has given his approval to the official opening of The Salvation Army in Nepal. Majors Lalsangliana and Lalnunsangi of India Eastern Territory are appointed Extension Officer and Associate Extension Officer, effective from April 15, 2009. Nepal is one of the Himalayan Kingdoms and has recently become a democracy.

Since 2005, The Salvation Army has scrutinized whether it could become established in Nepal, and for the past few years the India Eastern Territory has been sending officers and soldiers to explore this possibility.

In 2007 Captain Richard Vanlalnghaka and his wife were appointed to carry out further exploration and remained in the country for one year. As a result of this appointment a Salvation Army fellowship, comprising around 20 members, is meeting regularly under the Army flag.

During the same year Commissioner Lalkiamlova and Colonel Dick Krommenhoek visited Nepal and were convinced that it would be possible to commence work in the not too distant future. In 2008 Commissioners Lalkiamlova and Lalhlimpuii, together with a delegation from India Eastern Territory headed by the Chief Secretary, again visited the country, which ultimately resulted in Lalkiamlova recommending to the General that the Army should become officially established as soon as possible.

Lalsangliana and Lalnunsangi will be stationed in Khatmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Their quarters and Fellowship Hall will be at Lalitpur, Bagdone 4, Kathmandu.

Although a separate country, Nepal will initially remain an official part of the India Eastern Territory.

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