Army Ministers to Crowds at Diana’s Funeral

Condolences Sent

As news of Princess Diana’s death was made public, General Paul A. Rader sent a message of condolence to Queen Elizabeth:

“Salvationists throughout the world join Your Majesty, the Royal Family, relatives and friends in mourning the sudden and tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

“The Princess was an ambassador of compassion, with a unique gift for touching with hope and comfort the lives of the suffering, the underprivileged and the marginalized. We remember with gratitude her interest in the work of The Salvation Army and her visits to our centers in various parts of the world. On a personal note, I recall her visiting a home for the elderly in Kwachun, Korea. What a happy and memorable day that was for the Army. The sorrow, bewilderment and inner loneliness will fall heaviest on the young Princes, William and Harry, who have lost more than a Princess–they have lost their mother. They will have a special place in our prayers.

“At such a tender time it is impossible to find words that adequately convey our feelings. But we believe that as you are upheld by the affections and prayers of so many people–in the United Kingdom and all round the world–the God of all comfort will continue to give you the strength you will need in this sad hour.”

Mourners Served

Salvationists in London and Los Angeles ministered to thousands who were mourning the late Princess of Wales, providing them with food, beverages and spiritual counseling.

In London, Army officers and volunteers manned mobile canteens outside Buckingham Palace and St. James Palace, serving more than 1,500 cups of tea.

In Los Angeles, Salvationists provided nearly 4,000 mourners with water from an Army canteen as they stood in line for up to 7 hours in 90 degree temperatures to sign a condolence book for Princess Diana at the British Consulate. The British Consul General Merrick Baker-Bates, a member of The Salvation Army’s Los Angeles Advisory Board, said he was moved by the tremendous outpouring of affection.

General Paul A. Rader and the United Kingdom Territorial Commander Commissioner John Gowans attended the funeral services held in Westminster Abbey at the invitation of the Queen.

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