Army Blankets Warm Tijuana Colonia

Winter Relief – Hundreds wait for desperately needed blankets in the colonia of Mexico Lindo. Helping lighten the wait are Salvationists (r), singing.

By Victor Pinzon – 

For Claudia Sanchez, a 30-year old mother with three small children in the Tijuana colonia of Mexico Lindo, cold weather brings fear and suffering.

“It makes me sad and afraid when I see my children shiver from the cold at night,” she explained. “We put boards up to cover any openings we see, but without heat we just huddle together to try to stay warm.”

Claudia was one of hundreds of mothers who stood in line to receive relief from the cold with the help of The Salvation Army.

Responding to a cold weather emergency in Tijuana that claimed the lives of 26 children, The Salvation Army quickly launched a blanket collection drive that brought relief to colonias stricken with illness attributed to cold weather.

Within a few days after the Christmas holiday, the colonias of Dos De Octubre and Mexico Lindo were visited by Lt. Colonel Raymond Peacock, divisional commander, and an enthusiastic contingent of volunteers who distributed more than 1,000 blankets to an appreciative assembly of families with children eager to accept the blessing of a warm blanket.

“It is miraculous how a simple blanket can save a life or prevent serious illness,” Peacock remarked. “We are very grateful to the many generous San Diegans who donated the blankets and warm covers, expressing their strong concern for children suffering from the cold. The spirit of Christmas continues to shine,” he said. A subsequent visit to the colonia of La Marita one week after the New Year’s Eve visit to Tijuana produced another thousand blankets for distribution.

“As the officer-in-charge of The Salvation Army Tijuana Corps, I am especially touched by the kindness and love that comes with such a project as this,” said Captain Eugenia Vargas. “When I tuck in my own children at night, I give thanks to God for the kindness of the people who wanted to help the children here. I know in my heart how much these blankets of love mean to the families we helped.”





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