Army assists at Korean oil spill

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The Salvation Army delivers practical help and encouragement.

Korean officers help clean up Mallipo Beach.

The Salvation Army was the first non-governmental organization to assist with the clean-up operation after a huge crude oil spill near the Taean Peninsula in South Korea. In the country’s largest spill, some 10,500 tons of oil poured into the Yellow Sea after a barge carrying a crane collided with a 146,000-ton Hong Kong tanker. Foul oil damaged fisheries, beaches and aquatic farms.

On the first day of the clean-up, The Salvation Army set up a canteen, providing food and drink to the workers. By the second day, the clean-up included about 2,000 workers, and the Army’s emergency services vehicle was mobilized.

The territorial commander in Korea, Commissioner Chun, Kwang-pyo, with other Army leaders, visited the area, offering encouragement and prayer. The divisional commander and officers of the Suh Hae Division joined the workers, helping to clean up the oil.

Major Cedric Hills, international emergency services coordinator, commended the Army’s response teams for “the speed of their engagement and continued efforts during critical periods and under difficult circumstances.”

The Salvation Army has assisted approximately 4,000 people. Much work remains to be done to totally clear the crude oil, and the Army will continue to help as needed.

Donations to support this effort may be made to the “SPEA Disaster Fund” online at

From an international emergency news report.

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