ARCs launch first national advertising campaign

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Website and TV spot highlight the ARC program.

by Dawn Marks –

The four Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) Commands (West, South, Central and East) and The Richards Group (the advertising agency that developed The Salvation Army’s “Doing the Most Good” slogan and national branding campaign) have collaborated on a national advertising campaign to promote the giving of in-kind donations to the ARCs by creating increased awareness of the ARC ministry to potential donors and directing them to a national phone number (1-800 SA Truck) and website ( to obtain localized information about ARC programs and services in their area.

As part of this effort, a national 30-second ARC TV spot was created and debuted on CBS News (channel 2) on January 20, during the presidential inauguration coverage. Called “Amazing Grace,” it features real life ARC beneficiaries and graduates and emphasizes the ARC ministry’s purpose of helping to transform lives. (The “Amazing Grace” spot can be viewed from the Western Territory’s website:

“The four ARC Commands concur that the ‘Amazing Grace’ commercial well represents the positive impact of the ARC ministry on thousands of men and women across the country. For the Western Territory, this national media campaign will greatly expand our ongoing local and regional efforts to increase public awareness and support for the ARC program in the many communities we serve,” said Major Man-Hee Chang (ARC Commander Western Territory).

The website ( was also redesigned as part of the overall campaign and is now the official national ARC website for in-kind donors, family store customers and those seeking ARC program information. The home page displays photographs and testimonials from the beneficiaries and graduates who appear in the TV spot. The new ARC website design complements the style of the Army’s national website (, which was also designed by The Richards Group.

The national media campaign will continue through August 2009 and includes broadcasts of the “Amazing Grace” spot on MSNBC and CBS, ABC, CNN and Fox news, the Weather Channel, the Gospel Music Channel and the popular cable series Intervention (A & E Network). The online media portion includes display ads on HGTV, MSNBC, and other related websites, as well as an online ad program with Google and Yahoo keyword search.

“The Richards Group is truly honored by the opportunity to partner with a dedicated leadership team comprised of people from all four territories to present the ARC through a very focused, consistent, and emotionally compelling lens on a national stage for the first time,” said Jon Lee (Brand Management, Richards Group).

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