An update from the West’s overseas missionaries

As these individuals serve around the world, consider sending your greetings this holiday season.

By Eloisa P. Martin, Major (intro)

But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth” (Acts 1:8 RSV).

God’s purpose for The Salvation Army, as a part of the universal church, is to preach the gospel and make disciples. Some are called to this Army to witness in our own neighborhoods, cities and towns where people are in need of the salvation that Christ freely offers. He asks others to go beyond their comfort zones by traveling into all the world to share the good news.

Currently, 15 USA Western Territory officers and one lay missionary serve in 11 countries or territories.

Pray for these missionaries and offer support by giving to World Services as we do our best to be witnesses for Christ in our own communities. Consider sending your greetings to these individuals this holiday season.



Lt. Colonels Douglas and Verónica Danielson, Brazil Territory

“After completing 90 years of Army service in 2012, and following a lapse of 13 years, the Brazil Territory will celebrate a territorial congress this month under the direction of Territorial Leaders Commissioners Oscar and Ana Sánchez.  The territory is also preparing for sports ministries activities in conjunction with the 2014 FIFA Soccer World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games.”

“Christmas is celebrated at the beginning of summer in Brazil.  Nonetheless, for many years, the northern hemisphere holiday model was copied—putting pieces of cotton on the Christmas tree as an imitation of snow, using snowmen on cards and table cloths, as well as preparing food that is more appropriate for a cold climate.  Although this still happens, a much more tropical Christmas is now celebrated.”


Lt. Colonels Doug and Verónica Danielson will assume new appointments in the territory on Feb. 1, 2014, as chief secretary and secretary for women’s ministries, respectively.  


Lt. Colonels Douglas and Verónica Danielson


Exército de Salvação

Rua Juá 264

Bosque da Saúde

04138-021 São Paulo –SP





Commissioners Kenneth and Jolene Hodder, Kenya West Territory

“The Kenya West Territory has been praying for a new Training College.  Currently, our cadets live in an old bakery and tool shed, neither of which have indoor plumbing. But thanks to the generosity of the USA territories and Kenyan Salvationists, we’ll soon begin the construction of new facilities. The additional space will make it possible for accepted candidates who have been on our waiting list for several years to finally enter training.”

“But while the Army continues to grow at an amazing rate here, please pray above all that all of our officers and soldiers will develop a deep spiritual life. We are looking forward to amazing victories in the days to come!”

“Those who can afford it will generally give gifts at Christmas but the holiday is not nearly as commercial as it is in America. The emphasis is more on the religious aspect of celebrating the birth of Jesus and worshipping in church, than it is on gift-giving.”


Commissioners Kenneth and Jolene Hodder are the territorial leaders of the Kenya West Territory.


Commissioners Kenneth and Jolene Hodder


The Salvation Army

P.O. Box 660

Kakamega 50100





Majors S. Edward (Ted) and Deborah Horwood, Angola Command

“The Salvation Army in Angola is active, as the majority of Salvationists are very involved and committed to the ministry. Soldier meetings occur every week and new members’ classes take place frequently. Our officers work hard and live in humble circumstances.  Nevertheless, they are passionate about the ministry, love the Lord and truly believe in the ministry of The Salvation Army as a vessel of God to transform lives.”

“Christmas in Angola is essentially, a simple, quiet day to acknowledge one another and the birth of Jesus. Most people will not have Christmas trees and lights, instead using simple decorations. Usually a special meal will follow church services. Gifts will be exchanged in some families, but primarily for the children.”


Majors Ted and Debbie Horwood serve in the Angola Command as general secretary and secretary for women’s ministries, respectively.


Majors Ted and Debbie Horwood


Exército de Salvação

Caixa Postal 1656-C




Jessica2Jessica Horwood, Caribbean Territory

“This year I am serving in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, as the assistant project officer. I am working with some of The Salvation Army’s post-earthquake projects with reconstruction, psycho-social support, vocational training and water system installation. I’m also helping to start new projects, including micro-credit initiatives and a chicken farm to make one of our childrens’ homes more self sustainable. It’s been amazing to see Haitian communities tackle challenges they and to witness the transformation that can come from the projects.”

“I look forward to experiencing Christmas in Haiti. Haitians love being out and about on Christmas Day: going to parties, dancing, singing, socializing and most of all, eating. It shall be a joyous season.”


Jessica Horwood is a lay missionary for The Salvation Army.


Jessica Horwood


Armée du Salut

Santo 6, #1342

Boite Postale 301, Croix-des-Bopuqets





Lt. Colonels Victor and Rose-Marie Leslie, Caribbean Territory

“Our ministry in the Caribbean Territory takes us to a variety of places in 11 divisions and regions throughout 16 independent countries. Language, culture and worship style are unique in expression in respective places. It is absolutely wonderful to be able to participate in such diverse settings, and yet to experience the unity of the Spirit.

“We will join with our friends in Eastern Jamaica for many Christmas events, including caroling, hospital and institution visitations, and other community care activities.”


Lt. Colonels Victor and Rose-Marie Leslie are chief secretary and secretary for women’s ministries, respectively, for the Caribbean Territory.


Lt. Colonels Victor and Rose-Marie Leslie


52 Roehampton Close

Kingston 19



Pierce2Major Beryl Pierce, Zambia Territory

“Greetings from Zambia! At the Mitanda Home for the Aged, we are busy with renovations to the kitchen thanks to the USA West Women’s Ministries. All other projects have been suspended due to lack of funds. Please pray for an offer to rent our corner lot. This income would make Mitanda self-supporting in our day-to-day operations. We currently struggle with a monthly deficit. I’m grateful to all my supporters in America who have gotten us this far. May God bless you.”

“Christmas in Zambia is usually celebrated by going to church together, and then having a congregate meal. If donors provide here at the Mitanda Home, a gift is given to each of our elderly residents.”


Major Beryl Pierce is a hospital social worker and corps officer in the Zambia Territory.


Major Beryl Pierce


Mitanda Home for the Aged-Salvation Army

51 Kwacha Road, Ndola

P.O. Box 250096

Kansenshi Ndola


OR (Fed-Ex):

The Salvation Army – THQ

685A Cairo Road

Lusaka, 10101, Zambia




Captains Joel and Rhonda Harmon, Norway, Iceland and The Faeroes Territory

The Harmons will begin new appointments in the Norway, Iceland and The Faeroes Territory this month as corps officers.


Captains Joel and Rhonda Harmon


Skriveralmenningen 5

4670 Egersund





Major Linda Manhardt, The Philippines Territory

Manhardt has served in The Philippines Territory since 2009, as training principal at the territory’s training college.


Major Linda Manhardt


Pantay Road, Sitio Buka Brgy.

Tandang Kutyo

1980 Tanay, Rizal





Majors Elicio and Darlan Marquez, Latin America North Territory

The Marquezes currently serve as divisional commanders in Panama City, Panama.


Majors Elicio and Darlan Marquez


Ejército de Salvación

Apartado Postal 0843-01134

Balboa, Ancon Panama

República de Panamá


Wun.SusanMajor Susan Wun, Hong Kong and Macau Command

Wun is divisional commander for the Hong Kong and Macau Command.


Major Susan Wun



Flat D, G/F

6 Duke Street

Kowloon, Hong Kong

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