All the World celebrates 125 years

International magazine covers Salvation Army history.


All the World—the magazine covering international activities of The Salvation Army—celebrated 125 years of history with the publication of its October-December 2009 edition. The first issue, November 1884, opened with a message from the Army’s Founder, General William Booth, simply titled “GO!” In it Booth stated: “Soldiers of Salvation who read this, here are your marching orders! OBEY!! And upon the pages of ‘All the World’ we will chronicle the miracles wrought and the victories achieved through you by the mighty power of the Holy Ghost!”

In 1884, The Salvation Army was at work in 17 countries. With this issue, 125 years later, the Army is established in 118 countries.

All the World recorded turning points in the Army’s history, including William Booth’s meeting with King Edward VII. It also covered events in World Wars I and II.

Along with articles about the past, this issue also examines two current undertakings that will be tomorrow’s history—reconstruction in the Democratic Republic of Congo and a new opening in Nepal, a predominantly Muslin nation.

In his introduction to this edition, General Shaw Clifton wrote: “On this special birthday I commend All the World to readers as a rich source of blessing and inspiration as it moves ever onward to record still further victories in service to others for the sake of Christ.”

Editor Kevin Sims said: “I hope you feel something of the excitement I have felt I putting this magazine together as a celebration of God’s work and grace over 125 years.”

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