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How Floyd found refuge at The Salvation Army

 Floyd, 16, was just 11 when he and his two sisters became wards of the state. They lost their mother when she was arrested for selling drugs, then deported. Soon after, their father was jailed over an incident at a supermarket. He had become upset when Floyd suffered an asthma attack and threw a heavy can at him, opening a large gash on his head.

After that, Floyd and his sisters began separate journeys through various foster homes. Floyd has lived in five such homes, and he recalls many arguments, fights and the feeling of never belonging anywhere. He came to believe that all adults are hurtful—that those in his life had never cared for him.

Then he found a place where adults did care: The Salvation Army.

Floyd came to The Salvation Army at the suggestions of a friend and he soon discovered it was a place of refuge—somewhere he could be safe and where adults were kind and accepting.

Combined with the caring and compassion of supporters like you, Floyd’s world opened up. He became involved in the music program and attended music school at The Salvation Army Southern California’s summer camp. He now excels at the piano and both reads and writes music.

“The Salvation Army is like a world inside a world,” Floyd said smiling. “It’s like the top of a mountain—the safest place you could go.”

Floyd has big dreams for the future. He wants to pursue his music, go to college and become a nurse and serve others as a soldier in the Army. Although he still contends with many problems in his young life, he has reconnected with both of his sisters and he faces the future with positivity and hope.

“I’m very thankful and grateful for The Salvation Army,” he said. “It’s pure happiness there.”

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