A miracle – an extraordinary event!

Prayer Power

by Mervyn Morelock, Lt. Colonel –

“…the whole crowd of disciples began joyfully to praise God in loud voices for all the miracles they had seen” (Luke 19:37b).

Have you ever experienced a miracle? We see the word all the time: “miracle rally,” “healing miracles,” “miracle answers to prayer.”

I recently read a little book, Magical True Stories of Modern Day Miracles—Christmas Miracles. I heard someone using the word “miracle” again a few days ago and began to wonder, what is a miracle, and how do we know if we’ve had one or witnessed one?

The Call to Prayer ministry hears about many answers to prayer, but we don’t usually call them “miracles.” Answers to prayer are usually referred to as an “answer,” not a miracle. But most are truly miracles!

It is the extraordinary answer to prayer! A miracle!

The Bible contains many events called “miracles.” The Thompson Chain Reference Bible has nearly a whole page listing miracles. “The purpose of miracles is that men might know the power of God. Miracles witness to Christ as Messiah.”

Webster’s dictionary defines a miracle as: “An extraordinary event taken to manifest a supernatural work of God,” or “an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment.”

Miracles take place around us all the time. We aren’t looking, so we miss them.

It ‘s interesting to observe that when people begin to reflect on their lives, they also begin to remember the miracles they have experienced or seen; things or events that happened at the right place or the right time—an “extraordinary event!

Recently, I heard a couple of recent testimonies about miracles.

Tom gave his testimony as he was graduating from the Phoenix Adult Rehabilitation Center. He said that for some years before he entered the program, he was in dark despair. Life was just not worth living because of all the damage he had done to his family, employers, friends, and himself through his addictions. The only answer was to end it all. He ran a hose from his car to his room and lay down to die. The next morning, a friend came to visit, saw what had happened and called 911. When he was taken to the hospital, he had no pulse. He was “dead”.

The doctors and nurses worked feverishly to bring him back. A week later, not only was he able to leave the hospital, but he suffered no brain damage, or other ill effects from his almost suicide. In his words, he was a ”miracle!”

His next stop was the Phoenix Adult Rehabilitation Center. And recently, dressed in a sharp suit and tie, head held high, and with a clear voice, he told the story of his miracle. After completing the six-month program, and being enrolled as an adherent, he was graduating with honors.

Another miracle was that his family has forgiven him, and they were there to take him home! His future goal is to serve others.

A retired officer shared another “miracle” with me. She was on her way to work when her car was smashed by another vehicle. It was serious, and as she sat there, surrounded by broken glass, crumpled metal, and the deployed air bags, all she could pray was, “Jesus,” “Jesus,” “Jesus,” over and over. The first person to rush over to the wrecked car was a Hispanic man. He looked in the window, asked her name, and she told him.

Then, she asked him his name, and he told her, “Jesus!” Well, maybe not the Lord Jesus, but “Jesus” nonetheless! She calls it her answer to prayer, because not only did “Jesus” come to her aid, she had no injuries from the accident! Truly, a miracle!

Have you had any miracles in your life recently? What about some mini-miracles? If so, share them! Have an attitude of gratitude. God is ready to perform more miracles in your life, if you will ask him.

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