A look at Chuuk

The Chuuk Corps operates under the direction of the Guam Corps in Micronesia. The Guam Corps, which began operations in Micronesia almost 10 years ago, employs about 30 people, while three work full time on Chuuk. Their combined congregations total about 160 people. The island of Pohnpei, also in Micronesia, has a separate corps that operates independently of those on Guam and Chuuk.

Located about 1,000 kilometers southeast of Guam, Chuuk State consists of 11 high mangrove-fringed islands in the Chuuk lagoon, and a series of 14 outlying atolls and low islands surrounding the lagoon. It is part of the Federated States of Micronesia and receives economic aid through the U.S. Compact of Free Association. The main islands, Weno, Tonoas, Uman and Fefan are located in Chuuk Lagoon. Of Chuuk State’s population of about 53,000, more than 40,000 live on islands in the lagoon. The main island of Weno has a population of about 15,000. The lagoon, still referred to as “Truk Lagoon” is one of the largest enclosed lagoons in the world, circled by a 225 kilometer long barrier reef, and covering an area of 2,129 square kilometers.

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