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By André Cox, General –

It is with heavy hearts that Commissioner Silvia and I have followed the news coverage from Nice, France, showing scenes of devastation and despair in the wake of the terrorist attack. We offer our condolences and prayers to the families of those killed, and to the many injured and their families. And to President Hollande and his government. These are difficult times to try and govern.  

We stand united with the people of France—both those directly affected in Nice, and those who are horrified at what has happened in their country…There are few words to describe the full extent of the evil that has been evidenced.

May the very special consoling and comforting work of the Holy Spirit be experienced by all impacted at this time.

The Salvation Army corps in Nice, led by Lieutenants Rodrigue and Alida Mounguengui, is offering spiritual and emotional support to the community of Nice.

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