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Good News

COMMUNICATORS–(l-r) Walter Cronkite and New Frontier Editor Bob Docter discuss the Army of Stars script. Docter is the writer/director for the recording.

by Deborah Stekl – 

“Good News” for Army of Stars listeners: Walter Cronkite and Reba McEntire join The Salvation Army in extending its message of hope this Christmas.

Consisting of two separate 30-minute programs, this year’s Army of Stars presentation is titled “Good News” and features a salute to the 133-year history of The Salvation Army by celebrated news commentator Walter Cronkite, plus a celebration of Christmas “Nashville-style” by Reba McEntire. It also includes an especially meaningful message from General Paul A. Rader and Commis-sioner Kay F. Rader, who join to offer “Good News,” acknowledging how desperately it is needed “in a bad news world.”

In the title program, “Good News,” Walter Cronkite traces the Army’s ministry from its humble beginnings in London’s East End to its globe-encompassing presence of today. His narration is interspersed with the beautiful Christmas music of the Azusa Pacific University Choir and Orchestra and the National Christian Choir. In “What If,” Reba McEntire is joined by a number of friends from Nashville in telling the Christmas story through song.

‘Good News” and “What If” will be aired on radio stations nationwide throughout the Christmas season. Reba McEntire’s recording label, MCA Records, has joined the promotional effort this year, with a goal of increasing listenership through broadcasting in not only more markets, but in larger markets as well. Responses received to date indicate that Army of Stars will be aired on well over 1,200 stations across the U.S. this holiday season.

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