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5 ways to show children how to help others

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There’s something about a simple act of kindness that has the power to make someone’s day or even impact lives for the better. It’s important to show our kids the power of doing nice things for others, and they are never too young to start doing so.

Here are some ideas on things you can encourage them to do to take action in their communities:

Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or food pantry

Set aside time in the month to take your children to volunteer at a local soup kitchen or food pantry. This will give them a glimpse of the different realities and hardships people face daily, and show them the significance of compassion. They will see firsthand the huge impact they can make in someone’s life by setting aside time to make sure they have something to eat.

Help out a family member, friend or neighbor in need

No one is immune to hard times, and it’s crucial to show our kids the importance of people lifting one another up when life gets rough. If you know a family member, friend or neighbor going through a lot, see if there’s anything you and your kids can do to help. This can be running errands for them, helping with chores around their house or cooking them a meal.

These may seem like small tasks, but it may be just what the person needs to get them through the day, while facing illness, loss or other difficult life circumstances.

Encourage them to introduce themselves to a classmate new to their schools

Moving is difficult for children, and one of the reasons why is because they have to start over at a new school. Making new friends may be difficult and discouraging. Encourage your kids to reach out to new students at their schools, show them around campus, and introduce them to more people.

This will help eliminate some of the stress and anxiety incoming students may be feeling as they transition to another school. Your children may also meet some awesome friends along the way.

Pick out toys to donate to children in need

Spend a day going through your kids’ rooms with them, setting aside the toys they no longer need or use so they can be a blessing for children in need. Tell your children that these toys will now give other children the same joy they felt when they played with them.

This will teach your children that selflessness and kindness can bring happiness to others.

Make someone’s day with a random act of kindness

Challenge your kids to perform a daily random act of kindness for someone, whether that be making lunch for a friend at school who doesn’t have anything to eat, holding the door for someone or even writing a nice note for someone who is having a bad day. By doing this, they will witness the true impact that kindness can have.

Children are the future, and it is up to us to teach them how to help others, so they can help change the world one act of kindness at a time.

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