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10 ways to be a daymaker

I remember the first time I heard the term “daymaker.” I instantly fell in love with it and knew that it had to be a word that describes me. This idea that I could turn around someone’s day or that I make someone else’s experience better fired me up. What made it even better was this realization that it didn’t have to be a Nobel Peace Prize type accomplishment, but that it could be little everyday things sprinkled throughout my life.

I know that all of us can think of the littlest moments that made our day. Moments like that time when someone gave us the biggest smile, a random compliment or stopped what they were doing to teach us and help us with something. Those moments that seem so small, but they actually turned around our day and inspired us to be daymakers too.

So, here are 10 simple ideas on how we can be a daymaker today. No pressure, just fun and kindness. I wonder what would happen if 100 of us dedicated ourselves to making someone else’s day? It could probably heal our communities and the world.

Send a handwritten card in the mail.

There is nothing like getting a handwritten note in the mail from someone! Pick a person who means a lot to you and send them a card in the mail maybe just saying hello, telling them something you love about them or simply saying thank you.

Give one stranger a compliment.

When you’re out and about today, look for an opportunity to give someone a compliment. If you admire something someone is wearing, you love their laugh, or you see something great in them, then take five seconds and tell them! Watch how their eyes light up as you do.

Pay for someone’s coffee behind you.

This is a classic one and it never gets old! Next time you’re grabbing a coffee or meal, ask the cashier if you can leave $5 or even pay for the order behind you. You may not see the recipient’s response, but there is serious joy in knowing that you made their day and they don’t even know who did it.

Tell someone you admire how they’ve inspired you.

We all have people who inspire us from afar, maybe we read their blogs, follow them on social media or we have just followed their journey. Think about who one of those people might be for you and take a few minutes to send them an email and let them know the impact that they have had on you. Your words will encourage them to keep on going.

Use someone’s name when you talk to them.

For all the talking we do in our culture, it is crazy how much we don’t use each other’s names! One time when you’re having a conversation with someone, try using their first name in the middle of the conversation either at the end of a question or statement. For example, “how is work going, Stephanie?” It is a gift to notice people in that way.

Leave a random encouraging letter somewhere in public.

Write a post-it or even a longer letter with general encouragement maybe along the lines of “you are amazing” or “you can do this.” Then leave it in a public place like a food court or the shelf at a store. Your words will bring courage to a heart. Guaranteed.

Shout-out someone on social media.

Through social platforms, we really have the opportunity not just to elevate ourselves, but also elevate others. Use one of your platforms to call out some people that you’ve admired lately, who have inspired you or who you are just so proud of. Let them know you see them in a beautiful and public way.

Pick up a phone and call a friend.

Next time you’re thinking of someone and wonder how they’re doing, instead of just thinking about it or even sending a text, pick up the phone and call them. Even if they don’t answer, send a kind and encouraging voicemail.

Do a chore so that someone else doesn’t have to.

Whether it be for your spouse, someone you live with or even a neighbor, get out there and do a chore for them just to make their day. It could be something like cleaning the bathroom, shoveling snow or taking out the garbage. When we do things in service for people, we get to make them feel valued.

Say thank you.

There are so many people who work in thankless jobs. Some good examples of those could be people like parents, bus drivers, retail or fast food staff and custodians.  Pick one of those people, give them the biggest smile and say a genuine thank you.

You are so powerful! You can make someone’s day. So, pick one and see how you can turn around someone’s day whether it be a stranger or someone you love. I know that in the process, you’ll have a full heart too. That’s just the beauty of it.

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Ashley Beaudin

Ashley is a movement maker and encourager to women on a mission.