World Vision, SA assist in Limon floods

MAJOR ANGEL QUIROS gives donated clothing to a victim of the 2002 Limon flood.

The Port of Limon in Costa Rica had been having torrential tropical rains. One night in mid-November 2002, the major at the corps received a frantic call at 2 a.m. from a Silver Star member saying “Help! Major, water is coming into my house and is over my ankles!” A few Salvationists lived in this area, which was being flooded because three rivers had overflowed their banks and because the sea was so close to land level—it all poured into one lagoon.

Some houses in that area are built on ‘stilts’ because the sea often floods the land. However, this area is one of the poorest in Costa Rica and people have very basic houses, most of which they have built for themselves.

A call came to divisional headquarters the next morning asking for urgent financial help, but the division, which was having serious financial problems, only had $200 U.S. to send. This did not buy a lot of food but the officers made it stretch as far as humanly possible with divine help.

Majors Quirós and Candidates Murillo purchased the food, and before leaving to deliver the parcels, prayed together. They were worried that what they had to offer was very small and insignificant in face of the tragedy. However, when they delivered the food and prayed with those receiving it, the people’s appreciation was amazing.

In the following days other Salvationists—mainly Home League members—were able to help in many different ways.

Major Magdelena Quirós was very burdened by the Army’s lack of resources for assistance, and prayed and prayed about it. Before long, she received a call from the divisional commander telling her that World Vision had telephoned to say there was $10,000 dollars (US) worth of clothing at the Port of Limon which they wanted the Army to distribute for them.

When the boxed clothing started being carried into the corps building, the major thanked God for answering her prayers—but now worried where they were to put it all!

It did not take long for many items to be distributed among the flood victims and no one was charged for any clothing. However it did take six months to clear all the clothing that had been donated. The major had been struggling to accept her new appointment but in this she found a sense of confirmation that the Lord was in it all.

We are grateful for the generosity of World Vision and that they were in tune with the Lord to use the Army in this particular way.


World Service dollars count

World Service dollars count

Generous giving by soldiers and officers throughout the West has resulted in a

Army fights in Satan’s living room

Army fights in Satan’s living room

COSTA RICA by Text and photos by Sue Schumann Warner –  CAPTAINS Rodrigo

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