Western Territory personnel to aid in hurricane relief

In The Salvation Army, it is not just those within Emergency Disaster Services who help following a disaster; it’s every officer, soldier, employee and friend who is willing and able.

The Western Territory continues to deploy teams of people to assist with Hurricane Katrina and/or Hurricane Rita disaster response/recovery efforts. Deployments are approximately 12 days in length.

Please remember these individuals in your thoughts and prayers.

ARCC: Captain Ramon Perez, Victor Philip Almaraz, Shirley Ann Bawcum, Michael Paul Fox, Raymond Edward Miller, Daniel Portillo.

Cascade: Major C. Joseph Murray, Clifford Jones, Colin Davis Pederson.

Del Oro: Captain Frank Desplanke, Captain Dyck Posey, Captain Tom Stambaugh, Captain Wayne Wetter, Jerry Beaugez, Ken Cavallero, John George, Alfredo Gomez, Todd Hedrick, Rosanne McHenry, Arthur Pope, Laura Severs, Walt Spicer, Margaret Whitney.

Golden State: Captain Corey Paine, Major Neil Saunders, Diana Gomes, Janette Hubbard, Mark Morton, Kathryn Newberg, Nicci Noble, Debbie Ownby, David Ranes, Laurie Lee Reynoso, Larry Alan Rowe, Scott Tarango, Donald Violette, Dustin Violette.

Northwest: Captain Charles Fowler, Captain Daniel Freeman, Captain Rob Reardon, A/Captain Dana Libby.

Sierra del Mar: Captain Joseph Whipple, Suzi Lacey.

Southern California: Captain Lynda Thompson, Captain Brian West, Margaret Arnold, Bruce Branstine, Michael James Burlingame, Harry Crusberg, Toni Curry, Judy Dominquez, John Thomas Place, Ed Posner, Samuel James Quaintance, Richard Scheider, Kathleen Scheider.

THQ: Major Bill Nottle.


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