West Hosts Nat’l Korean Consultation

Representing all the Korean ministries in the United States, 64 delegates, including officers, candidates and local officers, met recently at San Pedro, Calif., for the USA 4th Korean Ministry Consultation at the invitation of the Western Territory.

Under the overall theme of “Forward March,” based on Exodus 14:15, various delegates guided the Consultation under set topics in order to discuss issues, goals and initiatives for the continuing successful strategy for the development and enhancement of Korean ministries, particularly in North America.

Special guests included Territorial Commander Colonel Lee, Sung-duk and Territorial President of Women’s Organizations, Colonel Cho, In-sun, accompanied by the private secretary, Envoy Joy Johns. Commissioners Peter and Grace Chang have been directly involved with the previous three such gatherings, and so have been a source of guidance as well as encouragement to the members of the Consultation.

Among those attending the welcome banquet were the Chief Secretary, Colonel Dennis Phillips, with Colonel Noella Phillips, and the Territorial Secretary for Personnel, Colonel Bill Luttrell, with Colonel Gwen Luttrell.

Commissioner Chang addressed this gathering and, after a report given by Major Paul Kim, Min-jae on the 3rd Korean Ministry Consultation held in Des Plaines, Ill, in 1993, Colonel Lee presented the keynote address.

Included in the Consultation was a visit to territorial headquarters, as well as to the Los Angeles Korean Corps, where many delegates took part in the public meeting. Dedications and seekers were recorded after the address by Colonel Lee.

The USA 4th Korean Ministry Consultation not only helped steer the development strategy of Korean ministries in North America, but was also a time of fellowship and direction for all involved in the unique ministry of service to the nation’s Korean population. The final dedication meeting was addressed by Colonel Lee with support by the USA Western Territorial leaders.

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