Warner to report on Army work in Europe

New Frontier Senior Editor Sue Warner is on assignment in Europe, covering The Salvation Army’s work there.

In a continuing commitment to the Army’s internationalism, New Frontier has dispatched Sue Warner, senior editor/editor at large, to Europe for meetings, conferences, interviews and information to be shared with our readers concerning the state of Christianity in that part of the world. The report, a special issue of the paper, will include an overview of the work of The Salvation Army, covering the 24 countries, 14 territories, 2,500 corps, 2,800 officers, and 66,000 soldiers of the European Zone. It will appear in early May.

“As we move into a period of prayerful and grateful remembrance of the sacrifice of our Lord as well as the sacrifices of many European Salvationists during years of oppression, I hope to provide readers with information about the challenges and needs of the Army in Europe as it works to achieve the mission God has identified for them and spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” Warner said.

Additionally, she will conduct important interviews with Army leaders at International Headquarters. These will include General-elect Shaw Clifton, Commissioner Thorleif Gulliksen, international secretary for Europe, and Commissioner Paul duPlessis, commissioner for world evangelism.

Seeking to explore data analyzing the future of the Army’s work in Europe, Warner’s report will provide firsthand insight into an area of the world observers of Christianity describe as experiencing significant decline in numbers, and even more importantly, major shifts in belief systems away from traditional Christian ideology.

While in Europe she will attend a cell-conference in Warsaw, Poland. Here, she will meet with many Salvationists from former Eastern Bloc countries and explore some of the difficulties and successes of the Army’s work in the region. She will also examine social service and corps programs in France.

Overseas Western officer, Major Kelly Pontsler, will accompany Warner throughout Europe and provide valuable translation assistance.

Other special editions contributed by Warner have been those reporting on: the Marshall Islands, Russia and the Ukraine, Bosnia and the Czech Republic, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and Africa, including Malawi, Zambia, South Africa and Tanzania.

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