US dollars feed homeless in Estonia

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On a recent Saturday morning in March, I was standing at the threshold of our dining room in the Kopli Corps, greeting the homeless men and women as they entered, and blessing them as they left. On this occasion our chapel and dining room were filled with homeless people. As one person finished eating, another took his/her place.

As one “bag lady” approached me, disheveled in her dress, with dirty face, I said “Bog blagaslavit vas!” (God bless you) with a smile. She smiled back, sat her bag down, and began digging in it. After a few minutes she pulled out what looked like newsprint, carefully unwrapped it, and presented to me a beautiful, perfect daffodil, no doubt originally intended to be sold for a few kroon.

In that instant, my heart was so touched by the hand of God, tears sprang to my eyes, I threw my arms around her, hugged her and kissed her cheek, saying, “Tänan” (thank you). She smiled broadly, picked up her bag, and said, “Thank you. God bless you!


We will demonstrate our unswerving love for God by loving our neighbors

I believe the blessing of God does follow those who are obedient to Jesus’ command, “Feed my sheep.” We try to do that in a physical way, feeding 16,011 homeless people this last year 24,145 portions of soup or hot cereal with butter, bread, and coffee or tea, with the help of the USA Feeding program. We also feed his sheep spiritually by always praying before each meal, and then saying the Lord’s prayer–in which many of the homeless join in.

On several occasions this year we have had the opportunity to preach and do a musical program for the homeless. Cadet Gennady Chistakov, a Moldovan in training at the Russia/CIS Institute for Officers’ Training in Helsinki, prayed with several men after his challenge. I was able to pray with one man through our translator, and Cadet Vadim Khourine from Rostov, Russia prayed with some men when he was here for the spring campaign.

As we move toward opening our homeless shelter “Lootuse Maja” ­Hope House, in September, 2002, we have plans to expand the spiritual ministry to include Bible studies and the 12-Step program for alcoholics, as well as Sunday meetings in our Hope House Corps.

We thank God for the USA Feeding program ably administered by International Headquarters.

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