Twenty feet in four hours

Hurricane rains flood El Salvador.

The Salvation Army is responding to devastating flooding in El Salvador. [Photos courtesy of Donald Wilson and the Salvadorian Army]

Hurricane Ida’s 75-mile-per-hour winds had a devastating effect on the coastal country of El Salvador on Nov. 7 as pelting rains caused water levels to rise 20 feet in four hours, resulting in over 124 deaths—60 in the San Salvador area—and a number missing, according to Major Donald Wilson, regional commander.

The San Salvador region—location of the regional office and Central Corps—was one of the most affected areas where more than 1,500 homes were flooded and damaged. The Children’s Center there suffered severe destruction but no lives were lost.

Wilson coordinated the relief efforts.

“We have the Army’s promise of more help. We are going to continue to move forward, asking the Lord to provide and that he will receive the glory,” Wilson said.

Army relief in the form of clothing, food and cleaning supplies arrived in Barrio Candelaria San Salvador and meals were provided in St. Vicente, where the Army fed 366 displaced individuals.

Local government and military worked with The Salvation Army. Guatemala also provided assistance.

The need for food is great in the flood-affected areas, but the need for medicines to kill the bacteria in the mud and dirt in the streets and homes is greater. Many children lost their shoes and were walking and working in highly contaminated areas.

Approximately 60 children were taken to camp for relief from the mud and clean-up activities.

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