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The Turlock Corps, working with the Turlock Community Collaborative and the Family Resource Center Committee, is establishing a Family Resource Center (FRC) that will provide a variety of community services, including assistance with literacy, citizenship and family wellness. Currently 21 agencies are collaborating to help those in need.

“We have always worked well with the community,” said Corps Officer Major Debi Shrum, “but now we are going to focus on developing a place that is safe, informative and represents God to the people who are looking for help.” Among other agencies, the corps is networking with the Parent Resource Center (parenting class), Turlock Adult School (English as a Second Language and senior exercise class), KARRES (support group for family caregivers), and Aspira (counseling).

Plans include adding a FRC director to co-ordinate with agencies, find volunteers and interns, and lead people to the place that will provide the best help for their situation.

Shrum added: “Our main goal, of course, is to meet the basic needs of the people who enter this wonderful building God gave us. That way, they can begin to think in spiritual terms. For example, if they learn the basics of parenting, then they can start asking questions about their child’s future. If food, clothing and safety are taken care of, the next question is spiritual—what do I think about God? What do I want to teach my child about God? That is why we are here—to connect people back with their family’s church, or if there isn’t one, to invite them to The Salvation Army to worship.”

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