Territorial, Divisional Changes Announced

Effective August 1

Colonel Dennis Phillips, chief secretary, has announced the following appointments:

Effective August 1, 1997: Lt. Colonel Evelyn J. Hunter, Northwest divisional commander, will become secretary for business administration.

Lt. Colonel Chris Buchanan, Hawaii & Pacific Islands divisional commander, will command the Northwest Division. Lt. Colonel Janice Buchanan, director of women’s organizations, Hawaii & Pacific Islands Division, will assume the same duties in the Northwest Division.

Major Don Mowery, San Diego ARC administrator, will assume command of the Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division. Major Janis Mowery, director of special services, San Diego ARC, will become director of women’s organizations, Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division.

Effective July 1, 1997, Lt. Colonels Jerry and Jeanine Gaines will be on special assignment pro tem, territorial headquarters.

Additional Officer Changes Announced

The following appointments are announced, effective August 1, 1997, unless otherwise noted:

Territorial Headquarters

Major Ivy Hood–Territorial League of Mercy & Medical Fellowship Secretary
Captain Arthur Storey–Territorial Emergency & Disaster Coordinator
Captain Carolyn Storey–Assistant Territorial League of Mercy Secretary
Captain Robert Rudd–Associate Secretary/Community Relations & Development Department
Captain Mariam Rudd–Assistant Territorial Women’s Ministries Secretary

ARC Command

Major Robert Gregory–Property and Personnel Coordinator (effective 7/02/97)
Major Marilyn Gregory–Trainee Program and ARC Corps Coordinator (effective 7/02/97)
Captain Henry Aalders–Administrator – Van Nuys ARC (effective 7/01/97)
Captain Susan Aalders–Director of Special Services – Van Nuys ARC (effective 7/02/97)
Captain Barry White–Administrator – Perris ARC
Major Joe Viola (R)–Administrator (Pro Tem) – San Diego ARC

Southwest Division

Captain Dale Pittock–Divisional Secretary for Business
Captain Linda Pittock–Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretary

Jones Safe in Brazzaville Turmoil

Jones Safe in Brazzaville Turmoil

Bullets whizzing past her shoulder, Western Territory Salvationist Eleanor Jones

McCulleys Mark 84 Years Combined Service

McCulleys Mark 84 Years Combined Service

Long Service Awards at Congress During the Great Victory Congress, a number of

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