Swansons welcomed

Commissioners Swanson take up appointments at IHQ.

Commissioner Barry Swanson is the new Cheif of the Staff. [Photo by Paul Harmer]

Faith in God and love for others were the dominant themes running through the welcome meeting for Commissioners Barry (Chief of the Staff) and Sue Swanson (World Secretary for Women’s Ministries) at International Headquarters (IHQ) in London on Thursday, May 6, 2010.

When welcoming the Army’s new second-in-command, General Shaw Clifton said that Commissioner Barry Swanson “takes up office as the 23rd Chief of the Staff and as the third American officer to be appointed to the role; the others being Commissioner John J. Allen (1946-1953) and Commissioner Israel Gaither (2002-2006).”

In his response, Swanson thanked the General for the privilege of serving as Chief of the Staff. He also thanked Commissioner Robin Dunster (former Chief of the Staff) for her excellent model of strong, selfless leadership in that role.

Commissioner Sue Swanson shared her vision for her role, stating, “I want to see more and more women find Christ as Savior and grow in him. I want God to show me fresh ways regarding how women can make a contribution to the whole Salvation Army.”

In his message from Galatians 5:6, Swanson emphasized that one of his roles is to keep stimulating action-based faith “done in love—the sincere, real, pure and passionate love that comes from the Lord.”

He then issued a challenge: “As Salvationists we are called to love people in Jesus’ name. How can we each help this expression of love-based faith in action to occur more and more?”

Earlier in the week, on Tuesday, May 4, the General and Commissioner Helen Clifton met the Swansons on their arrival outside the IHQ building and accompanied them inside, where they were warmly greeted by fellow IHQ commissioners.

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