Starrett Appointed to International College for Officers

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Major Helen Starrett, director of special services for the Adult Rehabilitation Centers Command, has been appointed to the winter term of the Army’s International College for Officers in London.

Each year, approximately 100 officers from around the Army world–all of whom have a minimum of 10 years of service and are 53 or younger–attend the College. Four eight-week sessions are held on the campus, located six miles from the heart of London.

Held under the leadership of Principal Colonel Philip Needham, a panel of lecturers headed by the General and the Chief of the Staff includes officers and soldiers who are experts in various fields.

“What I’m looking forward to,” says Starrett, “is to experience the internationalism of the Army, the fellowship of these officers, and the excitement of being where the Army began.”

The College, founded by General William Booth in 1905, serves to develop spiritual leadership and personal holiness; encourage the spirit and vision of the Army’s internationalism; strengthen commitment to officership; and affirm a sense of personal value and usefulness to God within the Army.

Anderson, Russell Appointed to National Advisory Board

Anderson, Russell Appointed to National Advisory Board

National Commander Commissioner Robert A

Western Officers on the Move

Western Officers on the Move

With the approval of Territorial Commander Commissioner David Edwards, the

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