Better Together


Winter 2016/17
Volume 22 No. 04
A publication of The Salvation Army

In this issue

Ordinary people, extraordinary science
How citizen scientists expand our horizons | by Caitlin Johnson

Intentional Living | by Danielle Strickland, Major

Share and Share alike
New research into the sharing economy illustrates how companies can better serve the underserved. | by Mindy Farabee

Home Depot partners for vets
Team Depot volunteers transform Salvation Army veteran housing facilities. | by Christin Thieme

Recycling project drive textiles to family stores
Program boosts family store income and builds awareness of other Salvation Army programs. | by Sara Kiley Watson

A community embraces a reluctant champion. | by Sara Johnson

Trees turn to Heat
The City of Coos Bay and The Salvation Army make use of downed trees together.

Music of the soul
Which songs connect with the deepest part of your being? | by Matt Woods

From all angles
Collaboration addresses immediate legal needs and the underlying causes. | by Jackeline Luna

Global Alliance
How the creation care movement is bringing interfaith groups together. | by Mindy Farabee

Authentic Influence
It is only through our interdependence with others that we create value. | by Kevin Cashman


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