SAWSO works to get supplies to those in desperate need

Salvation Army World Services Organization continues to work in Haiti.

by Terry Masango, Captain –

Captain Terry Masango, corps officer at Renton, Wash., is currently deployed to the Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWSO) Haiti Relief Command at National Headquarters, Alexandria, Virginia. Here he shares what he is doing to see that materials get to Haiti.

Many of the media outlets that once reported on Haiti have already moved on, but Haitians still face huge struggles.

As logistics chief, I am responsible for acquiring various equipment and food for Haiti. For example, with the rainy season starting in Haiti, most families need weatherproof shelter. We are currently approving purchases of tarp, lumber, nails, and other building materials for thousands of transitional units.

I am also working with an organization preparing and shipping almost half a million packets of rice and beans every week. We shipped 22 pallets of these packets to Haiti shortly my arrival at SAWSO.

Recently The Salvation Army held the following events: Million Meal events in San Francisco and in Urbana/Champaign, Illinois, and a truckload of meals (260,000) in New London, Conn. We sent these, and thousands of bags of sanitizers/antibacterial wipes, to the Miami warehouse for further transport to Haiti.

It is humbling to experience a different kind of Salvation Army work—Emergency Disaster Services. It is an honor to be one of many people trying to feed hungry Haitian children; it is a privilege to provide shelter to a homeless Haitian mother.

It is uplifting to be used by God to bring hope to a hopeless nation and help to many who feel powerless and helpless.

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