Salvation Army’s historic role in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake

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By Laura

On April 18, 1906, 125 years ago today, the city of San Francisco was shattered by a 8.25-magnitude earthquake. Three days of fires followed, as many as 3,000 people lost their lives, and 225,000 of the city’s 400,000 citizens were left homeless. All but two of the Salvation Army’s buildings in San Francisco were destroyed.

Despite their own losses, The Salvation Army was a major part of the recovery and revival of the city following the historic disaster. Salvation Army personnel established feeding stations and shelters throughout San Francisco and into Oakland, meeting refugees as they ferried over. Chinese Salvationists from San Francisco played a major role in feeding thousands of survivors.

News of the efforts reached The Salvation Army’s National Commander Evangeline Booth, daughter of founder William Booth. She appealed to the public in New York for assistance, encouraging them with her father’s words, “Do something! Do the most you can—do well—do it now!” She raised an astounding $12,000, which would equal more than $300,000 today.

Salvationists spent several weeks caring for those in need and continued to be a part of San Francisco’s long-term recovery.

Commander Evangeline Booth reflected on the experience saying, “The natural hopefulness, I was going to say “sunniness,” of the California disposition has stood them in good stead; all their troubles and privations have not been able to keep them under. They have spirits like corks and come up with a bounce every time.”



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Change of Appointments


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