Salvation Army responds to bushfires in Western Australia

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As devastating bushfires continue to cause significant loss and destruction across Western Australia, The Salvation Army is serving meals and providing support to more than 300 Yarloop evacuees from its center in Bunbury.

The recent fire in Yarloop has destroyed at least 95 homes and three people have been reported missing.

The Salvation Army is working with all government agencies involved to ensure a coordinated response.

Salvation Army volunteers have been active across the state including responding to earlier fires in Wibinga and Eglinton throughout the holiday season.

Other communities across Australia have also been affected by bushfires in recent weeks and Salvation Army responders have maintained a presence in Victoria and South Australia to ensure support is available.

While access to affected areas is difficult, responders will work to provide financial and material aid to victims as they come to terms with their losses and begin their paths to recovery.

To support the ongoing work of The Salvation Army, including its work in communities affected by fires and other natural disasters, you can make a donation to the Red Shield Appeal.

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