Salvation Army Helping In Mapleton

Two teams mobilized to aid Western Iowa Victims

(Sioux City, IA, April 11, 2011)  The Salvation Army in Siouxland has mobilized two teams of officers, employees and volunteers to assist the devastated cites of Mapleton and Early, Iowa.

Early on Sunday morning, staff from the Salvation Army Omaha headquarters arrived in Mapleton, Iowa with a mobile feeding canteen.  They were joined later on Sunday by volunteers from the Siouxland Salvation Army.  On Monday, the Salvation Army will be serving breakfast to residents and relief workers in Mapleton from the mobile canteen site.

In Early, Iowa volunteers arrived on Sunday afternoon and have set up a meal site at the Early City Hall.  As of late Sunday afternoon more than 400 sandwiches and many other food items had been distributed.  Senior Soldier Larry Schafer has been taking sandwiches and beverages out to residents in the community as the survey and work on their damaged property.

Captain Linda Van diver, Siouxland Salvation Army Corps Officer toured both Early and Mapleton yesterday afternoon and meet with local officials.  She told official and residents in both communities that “We will be here for you for the long haul.  This is just the beginning of recovery and rebuilding.  We are here for you and your people, and we want to help you as your communities rebuild from this.”

Salvation Army Senior Soldier Lacey Wilde reported that she was observing some of the damage in Early, Iowa when a local resident noticed her Salvation Army uniform.  The lady asked if Miss Wilde would pray for her and the town.  Miss Wilde commented “it is great that we can be here for the practical things, like food and water, but we are also here to bring hope, and I was glad that I could do that for this lady.”

At the present time, the Salvation Army is not accepting donations of clothes or other items for the victims.  The best way to help is a monetary donation.  Donations should be marked “tornado relief” and can be sent to PO Box 783, Sioux City, IA  51102.

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